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Stage de Danse, Pont L'Abbe summer school


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My son did it many years ago. He loved it. Stayed with a local family and had a whale of a time and thought the standard of teaching high. Now I think it may be run by someone different now though they were involved when Martin did it. It also doubled up as away to practise french for GCSE.


Is a bit of a mission to get to as, in France, one generally has to go into Paris then out but he manged fine.

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Don't think it is, or was, run by L'Opera de Paris but there were students from there and from RB. When Martin did it it was run by an elderly lady and her daughter. I believe the lady has given up but her daughter may still be doing it. When Martin did it Maina Gielgud taught and there was a concert to do with Violette Verdy.So yes definitely the same one. Or at least definitely in Pont l'Abbé Trying to rack my brain to remember the ladies name. I know he stayed with someone called Carinne who was lovely.


The contemporary and jazz teaching was great too and I think the jazz was the organizers daughter. When I next speak to Martin I'll ask if he remembers anymore. He went in either 2006 0r 2007 and therefore it was to help with fench A level not GCSE. I can't remember if it was after his first year at elmhurst or the summer before.

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