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Liz Alpe's Advanced Class @ Danceworks


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I've never done that class, but most Advanced classes at Danceworks are at professional level - full knowledge of steps, ability to pivck up combinations at speed, and in the centre ability to pick things up after a cursory mark. And then go again and again, and keep going.



1) this one says children from 13 are permitted

2) I often see people in classes that are a tad too difficult for them. I've done it myself, as I've wanted to step up a level. If this is your concern, I think the main thing is to stay at the back in the centre, always go in a 2nd or 3rd group, and try not to bump into anyone. Be really respectful of the more advanced dancers, and keep out of their way!


I find it helps to explain to the teacher beforehand if I"m attempting a class a bit above my level. I know I'll be fine at the barre, and in adage & tendus and pirouettes at the centre. It's petit allegro where I wear the dunce's cap! I just focus on keeping out of people's way.


Of course, if you're a comfortable Advanced level dancer, I apologise for teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs ... <grin>

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I used to take this class about five years ago, she’s great and she keeps the class moving so you won’t get bored (!) hearing a long analysis of technique! However you have to be on the ball as she marks the next exercise as soon as the pianist stops playing! Enjoy!

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