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Wayne McGregor | Random Dance - FAR

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I finally got an opportunity to see Wayne McGregor's Random Dance at the Liverpool Playhouse last night. The company was performing FAR.


The performance was an intense hour of almost extreme, jagged movements with some quite aggresive sections and one more lyrical part towards the end. The 10 dancers were absolutely wonderful; and I really relished the opportunity of seeing the superlative Alex Whitley again. The set consisted of a white rectangle at the back of the stage that had lights that seemed to be flashing subliminal messages. It was incredibly effective with the dance (as one audience member put it at the Q&A afterwards, it was almost like an 11th dancer).


I didn't read the programme before the performance so I just sat back and enjoyed the movement. I really got wrapped up in it.


There was a super Q&A after the performance where the dancers talked about the collaborative process of the creation of this piece. One question asked was how old were the dancers when they started dancing. There were murmers when one dancer said he had started at the age of 16 and gasps of amazement when another dancer said he had only started at the age of 21!


I found this review on twitter, which expresses my thoughts more much articulately than I ever could, except that I enjoyed the music very much and the reviewer didn't!



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