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UK government petitions website closing early


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Just received notification that the UK Government's petitions website will be closing at midnight, basically because it can't operate during a general election.  So if you were planning on signing a petition of any sort you need to do it before midnight.

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21 hours ago, taxi4ballet said:

Good point Fonty. I have yet to come across a politician who is genuinely interested in what the electorate have to say, let alone in doing something about it.

As someone once said, the only person ever to have entered the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions was Guy Fawkes....and hey, he is still being celebrated/commemorated today!!

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Especially in Lewes!! 

Guy Fawkes is not the only one to get the bonfire treatment down here in Lewes.

Every year they have a few other special people ....usually politicians who get the bonfire treatment. 

I don't know whether I dare say who they were this year on this Forum! 


I haven't been for a few years but it's always a totally crazy event with hundreds of people walking one way and hundreds of people walking the other. There's lots of fancy dress and people holding burning torches and it's VERY NOISY!! 

An event to experience at least once! 

I love across the Downs in Saltdean ( you can walk there across the Downs from the end of my road) and on Tuesday you could hear the fireworks in Lewes!! They are usually quite late as are held at individual bonfire society sites at the end of the evening after all the walking around and parades etc!! 

Dont know what this has to do with petitions ....but am sure some Lewesians wouldn't mind signing a petition to end this bonfire tradition as it has got bigger and bigger every year!! 





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