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Associate classes or performance experiences (non ballet)


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My youngest dd (now 12) has followed in her older sister's footsteps and is loving her dance.  She does ballet as one of her classes but much prefers other dance styles - modern, tap and jazz (and hip hop!).


Does anyone know of any schemes that would supplement her usual classes?  She's always keen to do more.  Is there anything equivalent to EYB but for other dance styles?


She's keen to try contemporary (too young?) and acro but her dance school don't offer those.

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Hammond Associates run a mixed programme ballet, then usually jazz/commercial, and a 3rd subject.

The jazz associates ran by Jamie Tindall 

https://www.jazzassociates.co.uk/ offer what I would call commercial. 
I think Rambert and the place have youth programmes possibly CAT schemes? 
I don’t know of any eyb style programmes but I’d be interested if you find any. A lot of my students join amateur theatre groups that stage musicals and pantos, but nothing specifically for dance. 

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