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Wearing hair down for a ballet solo (festival or competition)


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3 minutes ago, ScottishDancerMum said:

Hello all

Do dancers need to wear their hair in a bun for ballet competitions, or is off the face sufficient?  My daughter was asking about wearing hers pulled up tight on the sides and front, but long and wavy in the back.  Is this ever a thing, or do I just tell her a bun is required?


Hi. Classical ballet absolutely a bun. 
The only time I’ve seen the 1/2 up hair style you describe is when a youngish performer has entered a ‘Demi-character’ class in a festival. Ie wearing a dress with a prop telling a story. 

Hope that helps however please check individual festival rules as some may vary. 

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DD has her hair in a bun for Ballet solos at competitions, 'princess' style (up at the front, down at the back) for character and current lyrical/modern. Varies completely on how she feels for her tap and song & dance, and for her national; it's all hidden in her hat! 

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