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London Children’s Ballet 2020


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Who else’s children are auditioning this year? Can’t find a thread so presuming there isn’t one yet. My soon to be 11yr old DD did the prelims on Sunday, and we got a surprise email today inviting her to the finals. Very unexpected as I though we would have to wait until after all prelims were done before they would let us know, but a welcome surprise and cheered my little dancer up as she had been feeling a bit disheartened about her dancing for various reasons

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3 minutes ago, Beautifulday said:

Hi Sally-Anne


Well done to your DD - such an achievement! There is another thread as above, but no recent posts added.


My son's done LCB three times. It's a wonderful company. Good luck at Finals x

Ah there it is - I figured there must be a thread already. Will your son be auditioning again this year? I really don’t expect my DD to get in, so haven’t really looked too in depth at what is involved, but I’m sure it is a wonderful experience 

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