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There are a few on eBay but they look expensive. Have you considered DIY? Here's one made from PVC pipe which is available from DIY shops, easy to put together and quite cheap.


Alternatively, it's easy to attach a wooden handrail to a wall.

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Great video, love the way its presented and the choice of music too. However it depend what Tutucute22’s DD is likely to be doing at home with her ballet bar, as PVC is not all that rigid. The wooden rail would offer a better choice in terms of rigidity, however there are other considerations. If DD is still growing then you may have to consider raising the height of it more than once and filling unsightly holes , a commercial portable one usually incorporates this. If it’s fixed to a wall, the distance from barre to the wall is important especially if she places her foot on the barre to do stretches.


If she has mirrors, the orientation of the barre to the mirror is also a consideration unless the morror is portable.


As an adult dancer, I have a studio in a large conservatory with a wooden stair rail, its only fixed at the two ends, even that tends to flex a bit without a centre bracket. I do find there is only just enough room in the widow pain recess to accommodate my feet during stretches. I have a fully mirrored wall on the opposite wall which is not ideal for some ballet positions. That caused me to look at portable ballet barres, and yes they are expensive, I did buy from Ebay from a seller in the US and it does everything I want.

So I think the big question, is, Is this something just for now to get DD going, or is it something she can use for her long term future.


I now use both barre’s with mirroring on three walls, all for different requirements including correction of video displays to my own orientation (video display appears behind me) and floor work.


Good luck



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