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For sale MANON October 29th

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Unfortunately I am having to sell my Manon Ticket for Tuesday October 29th 

Its Balcony D. 46 ...it's a good seat has clear view of stage

cost is £85 

The ROH has said it may have a problem reselling because quite a few cheaper seats are available for that night so I would be willing to sell for less

PM for info if interested.

Many thanks ,  Linda 

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Just a reminder of this ticket.

Will be very happy to accept £50 for this ticket if anyone is interested! 


Will return it to Box Office on Thursday  if no takers to give it a chance there but it's not a sold out performance...as yet! 


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Hi Linda,


Just a reminder that you could exchange this for a performance later in the booking period, which would save all but £4 of your outlay for the time being. Indeed, if you were to pick a performance that’s very well sold, even if you actually aren’t planning to go to it, you could then put yourself in the position of being able to return THAT ticket for a pretty much guaranteed resale.

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Hi Ruth yes many thanks .....am not well up on this sort of thing as so rarely return tickets 😢 

Could you clarify something: Would I be able to swap this for an Onegin performance for example or only up to the end of the Coppelia performances? I’ve booked Sleeping Beauty and Coppelia already and the Triple etc for December and Jan ...perhaps carry on this conversation as PM? 

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35 minutes ago, LinMM said:


Could you clarify something: Would I be able to swap this for an Onegin performance for example or only up to the end of the Coppelia performances?


I’m almost certain that you can exchange your ticket for any performance which is currently on sale -i.e. once booking opens for Onegin, you should be able to exchange a Manon ticket for an Onegin ticket.


Edit just found the following on the ROH website:

“For performances taking place at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden site, exchanges can be made to tickets within the same price band or higher, subject to availability. You may only request an exchange by telephone or in person, and exchanges are limited to productions that are open for general sale”

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Oh well that sounds good then as Onegin is on sale from 24th October....the day I was going to return this ticket to the Box Office.


Swapping in this instance is good as they can still then try to resell the Manon ticket for the 29th .....it's the thought of it going to waste really especially as this cast is so good.

I will ring them today to make sure before I start to consider any offers for this ticket!! 


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On advice from the Box Office am now withdrawing this ticket from sale here. 


But it is true that if not sold by 24th I can swap for an Onegin ticket on that day only!! ( I presume to the swap has to done on 24th to give them time still for possible resale of the Manon ticket as that date is so close now) 

I think the swap idea is the best way not to lose money on the ticket and still give somebody a chance to see this performance of Manon.


Thanks so much for your advice on this RuthE and Bluebird 😊

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Actually just been on the website and the ONLY seat now available in the Balcony is the one I've just returned. 

There are seats left but only at the back of the Amphitheatre ....so am feeling more hopeful they can re sell it now ...I just need someone who suffers a bit with vertigo to go online or turn up at the box office!!

If they can manage to resell by 24th and I then get refunded in the usual way I can book Onegin online ....won't have to worry about phone calls on the day. 

Just in case anyone from here was thinking of going for this ticket it is on sale now on ROH website ...D.46 in Balcony....it's a tall seat and only one now available in the Balcony.

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Okay last time here about this but I've just been on the ROH website and seen that the Balcony ticket I returned has been sold as there are none left there now!! 

Best result all round as someone will be enjoying Manon next Tuesday and I can do my normal online booking for the next season tomorrow without having to hang on the phone 😊 


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