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For the first time ever, Westminster Abbey is allowing photography. 23 October.

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For the first time ever, Westminster Abbey is allowing photography within its building by members of the public. It will be a one-off event on 23 October:


It can be of interest for those who would like to take a photo of a memorial stone to four founders of the Royal Ballet In the Poets’ Corner and of a window with Margot Fonteyn in the passage between the Dean’s Yard and the Cloisters:

Edited by Amelia
Specified the location of the stone and the window.
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It is disappointing but depends on the preceding events. The visitors/tourists have to leave the Abbey by 4.30 pm. Evening prayer normally said on Wednesday at 5.00pm. That is why the photography will be allowed only at 5.30 pm.

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On ‎16‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 12:09, jmhopton said:

Disappointing the timescale is so limited. I'm in London on the 23rd to see Morera/Bonelli Manon and I might have been interested but the timescale at 5.30 pm to 8pm is really too tight and would be very rushed.


Why does *everything* seem to be happening on the 23rd?  Loads of things, not necessarily ballet-related, and so many of them that I can't possibly fit them all in :( 

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