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BRB - Mixed Bill (Feat. Ballet Black: The Suit) - any age restrictions?

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Hi, hopeful for any advice if possible. I've booked tickets to see BRB - Mixed Bill at Sadlers Wells (2 adults, 2 children, well one adult, one teen, and two children) but it said nothing about adult content when booking, and they offered child rates so I didn't even think to look into it, but I've just spotted on Ballet Black's own website that they say 'The Suit is not suitable for under 12yrs'

Can anyone help me understand how 'adult' it is? They are mature, sensible children and occasionally watch movies above their age rating if we've viewed them first and think they can handle the content. 


Will be gutted if we have to give up our tickets. I really should have researched first and not just randomly picked a performance without any idea of the content - silly, silly me! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Can I assume that, at least, you know the basics of the plot?  A chap returns home unexpectedly, having forgotten his briefcase, to find his wife in bed with another man.  That chap goes out a window, leaving his suit, which becomes central to what follows.  As I recall, the short bedroom action takes place well to one side of the stage, whilst the rest of the cast are performing a busy street scene of going to work etc.  The first photo in this review may help you to assess matters - but NB that it is in relative close-up and excludes all the diversionary activity that's going on off to the right:




From what you've said about your children, I doubt that it should be too off-putting - and, should they go, I'd hope that they are impressed by the wealth of storytelling that is achieved with a small cast and very little by way of staging.

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Thank you so much. That puts my mind at ease a lot. 


Yes, I was (vaguely) aware of the basics of the plot and I'd assumed it would be quite similar to how you've described with nothing too graphic so hadn't thought any more of it or it's suitability until this morning when I spotted the age restriction on Ballet Black's own page (12yrs+). I had a moment of panic that it might be too heavily focused on adult content for children. Whoops! 


Reading your summary I'm not so worried now. Thank you!  :) 


Thankfully Sadler's Wells box office line have also confirmed there is no additional age restriction and mentioned it being a matinee performance (family friendly?). At the very least we won't be turned away, and I'll give the children a heads up beforehand on it having a 'grown up' scene and we can discuss it after if need be (that's if they even realise). 


Thank you again. I'm certain we'll all thoroughly enjoy it. And, as they are all ballet students, I have no doubt that they'll take away a lot from seeing this, and, even if the plot line isn't of as much interest to the younger two (they are 8 and 9) as it will be to myself and eldest, they will still be in awe of the skill, use of movement and music.  :) They are often blown away just at the idea of being in the same space as dancers. 😁 

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Saw this at Birmingham Hippodrome with 15 year old daughter. We were warned that content included a scene of hanging.... well that was a valid warning to give as was quite graphically & effectively portrayed. Could be a little traumatising so perhaps one for some cautionary comments before? But actually would’ve preferred a heads up (bad choice of words???😱) aboit the rather graphic simulated sex scene.... never have a mother & daughter so carefully positioned themselves to be diagonally facing   opposite directions, as far soarer as sears next to one another could make possible, hands up shielding face, eyes never to meet....!!! 

It was cleverly choreographed & performed but possibly a little too much repetitive  ‘action’ imho...a bit like, yes, we get the picture & fortunately there was other less steamy action to watch on opposite side of stage with the very clever devise of a ‘chorus’ in the style of a Greek play ‘narating’ & telling other side of the story... I’m sure I wasn’t alone too in clock watching the length of their dalliance!!! Ah.... Youth....🤣

I must say I loved the complete piece....& DD & I managed to share our joint embarrassment with a good giggle afterwards.... but it was very full on! I thought the worst would be if a school group of 12-16 or so were in audience!!! 

Could have been a ploy to sell more ice cream in interview as it was pretty ‘hot’ in there 🤣

I did love the story & the stylistic telling; brilliantly simplistic staging; the set & perfect costumes were cleverly used as part of the action & mood...really well cast & danced. 


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