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7 hours ago, CathyG said:

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

I went with Amphi seats row D in the central section. I will see about opera glasses and hopefully it will be a first great experience at the ROH!



Hope you really enjoy it, CathyG! Please do post your thoughts afterwards.

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I was interested to read another thread in which an Amphitheatre enthusiast (and a BF Poster I assumed was a regular at the ROH) acknowledged a difficulty in discerning and distinguishing dancers from the higher vantage point.


We can all spot Principals from every seat location, and need little assistance distinguishing between them, but the narrative ballets have many relevant roles and part of the pleasure of watching a live performance is to watch old favourites in the non-principal ranks, Gasparini and Pajdak fall into this category, and to spot the new dancers who are likely to make an impression in the future.


I find it next to impossible to take in the bigger picture through opera glasses, where I might miss some aspect outside my direct focus and, of course, it’s easy to miss the facial expressions, acted nuances and epaulements ((amongst other things) having ones eyes glued to opera glasses, way on high. 


By way of a further example, we’ve all seen film or video recordings, in which the camera, and the film editor concentrate on the facial expressions of the principals (believing that that’s what the audience want to see) and generally ignoring feet and the performances of the other ten/twenty dancers on stage.


Anyway, sorry for my ramble but I go (and I advise others to do likewise) as low down and as expensively as I can afford. Of course, I do sit in the Amphitheatre, but only if I can’t get a better seat.

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In my view it depends on costumes, eyesight and most of all how far back you are in the Amphitheatre: my eyesight is only so-so - and I never use opera glasses - but as long as dancers aren’t wearing wigs I don’t have much trouble telling the corps members apart from rows A to E of the Amphi.


Further back however it’s a lot more difficult - I guess my point is that I don’t think we can generalise about “the view from the Amphitheatre”.

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