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Parents In Sport Week 7-13 October 2019


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Before anyone says anything, yes, I'm aware ballet isn't a sport, but please bear with me!

The similarities and differences between the sport that I coach and dance are often on my mind, and I think there is quite a lot that each could learn from the other. So I hope you will forgive me for posting something sport related that dropped into my inbox this week.

Parents in Sport Week is an annual event supported by several high profile organisations including the NSPCC and Sport England, with the aim of encouraging positive parental/carer involvement in youth sport. This year's theme is the Sports Parents' Promise. Parents and carers are being encouraged to formally make a promise to their children which incorporates several elements related to safeguarding and good sportsmanship. I think it is also very relevant to dance and indeed many other activities that children and young people participate in. 

Have a look at the information in this link and replace the words sport and team with dance and school and hopefully you will see what I mean. 


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