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Carlos Acosta

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just a couple of snippets about Carlos.


1st. There is a new series called Masterclass starting November 13th on SkyArts 1 hosted by Michael Parkinson. Apparently one of the programmes features Carlos though no details as to which.


2nd. he has just appeared on the Whats On section of the London Coliseum for next summer, Carlos Acosta visiting Company, presumably doing one of his small scale shows. it gives the dates as Friday 30th August to Sunday 4th August which doesn't make sense! I think it must mean 30th July to 4th August. Will clash with the Bolshoi if their website dates of 29th July and 17th August are correct.

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Just a thought - I think the clash with the Bolshoi tour will be to our advantage as it will mean that Nina Kaptsova is in town with the Bolshoi - last time he did a show she pulled out but was due to dance the pdd from Spartacus with Carlos. Hopefully this time she will make it seeing as he is supposed to be dancing his favourite pdds with his favourite leading ladies....

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