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Elmhurst Experience Day


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We certainly got a refund when couldn’t go to a show due to a bereavement. You put in the request via eventbrite - think it’s a small tick box form with a box to type reason.... they then contact School to authorise & you get refund within a few days. You could also call school & explain situation so they tie your call & the eventbrite refund request together. 

Good luck (& hope it was a positive event causing date clash)

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On 21/09/2019 at 11:06, AdageKitty said:



Does anyone know whether tickets to the Elmhurst Experience Day (Lower School) are transferable? Something’s come up and we can go anymore :(

I don’t know if the tickets etc are named but I put my daughter on the waiting list... so if you can’t obtain a refund and there is an option to sell on - do let me know please? X

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