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Strictly Come Dancing.


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I agree with Primrose. I don't watch it but my eldest had it on and I watched him dance and he certainly can do so! I thought he might be able to after seeing him at the Olympics. I watched the first one and this one and all I can say is :- Go Louis!

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Always have loved Flavia's dancing and Louis is amazing, the first week I commented to DD as we were watching that he had something of a "Patrick Swaze about him", obviously others thought the same!

Part of me agrees that it was a bit of a cheat to use the original choreography, but then again why mess with a well loved classic, and Louis certainly pulled it off, his split jump was better than the film version!!

I guess from the gymnastics he is used to being very rigidly precise,he just needs to let go a bit more and use that lovely smile!

Can't wait to see them in an Argentine Tango....!



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