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RBS mid associate auditions


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29 minutes ago, Pas de Quatre said:

Yes to both your questions.  All the candidates audition together whether for Mids or WL, and the insight day will be helpful for everyone.


Thanks for this. I think i will apply for the session, the date is not in our school holidays but after a conversation with the lovely lady at RBS (I forgot to ask the question about suitability hence this post!) I think we should be able to attend. Travelling down from Manchester I was worrying about train times and cost, such a shame they dont do regional insight sessions.

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2 hours ago, Pinkpip100 said:

Creaking Stool - I can’t seem to find information about the insight day on the RB website - do you have a link for it? My dd is also keen to apply to Mids rather than WL. Thank you 😊 




Here you are. Hope you can make it and good luck to your daughter. The audition dates are also on the website, Manchester is 23rd Jan x

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