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Professional pancake tutu roughly age 9-11 for sale


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I have a gorgeous cream tutu with gold embellishment for sale. I bought this second hand from a forum member and it has been worn by my daughter twice, for a show and a photo shoot.  It fit my daughter when she was a petite 11/12 year old, sadly outgrown now so looking to find a new home for it!


It is not in perfect condition. There are roughly 6 of the tiny sequins missing around the skirt which are not noticeable and could be easily replaced. There is a tiny bit of bobbling in places on the sequinned section of the skirt. The top of the hook and eye fixing on the rear could do with a couple of stitches to secure it. There are a few make-up stains on the inside lining of the tutu and the shoulder straps which are not visible when worn. There is also a light make up mark on the rear right waist of the tutu. This is not visible on stage or on camera but can be seen when examined closely. These were on the tutu when we bought it and I have not attempted to clean as they were not an issue to us.


I have attached a couple of photos here but happy to send more, including my daughter wearing it in a photo shoot!


Would like £75 plus postage. 





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