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Prix de Lausanne

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I have just watched the finals of Prix de Lausanne ,a mixed bunch this year , the winner and second place were well deserved not so sure about the Brazilian boy who was third perhaps it was the contemporary that gave him the edge, also the young man from Central to my mind was better than one of the Chinese boys (I'm not being biased )

Lovely Spanish girl great entrechat six and elevation , but apart from the winner none of the girls use their bodies and upper back .

Epaulement seems a thing of the past!!!

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Young boy from Central is Max Maslem. I remember him and his teacher at the Yorkshire Ballet seminars about 7 or 8 years ago. His teacher spoke to me and said one day he would be a really good dancer. She had already given early years training to a couple of Royal Ballet male dancers, Thomas Whitehead being one so she knew what she was talking about. Max obviously had early potential as she said she felt sure he would make it as a professional. she also complimented my daughter but added the wise words" that it was far from easy for girls".


It was concerning that Max was the only UK born contestant as ENB school sent only none UK students. I don't think any other UK schools entered contestants which is surprising given the relatively close Swiss location.

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