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Help where can my daughter complete her BTEC L2 Dance?


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My daughter attended Abbots Bromley school which closed this summer. She's about to go into Year 11 and was partway through doing a BTEC in Dance. She didn't get a place at the school where the dance school moved to and I can't find anywhere for her to complete her BTEC. I obviously don't want the past year to have been a complete waste of time and money. Any ideas please. We're based in Derbyshire. 

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No advice I'm afraid but we were so very nearly in a similar situation.  Dd was offered a musical theatre scholarship for their Level 3 Btec and 2 A levels.  She went elsewhere thankfully but would have been in the cohort that had just finished Year 12.


Did your dd manage to find a school that accommodates her GCSE choices? 

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