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Entering RAD exams in the Uk


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First I want to thank everyone who has previously helped me with my questions about ballet in Leeds.


My daughter's dance teacher is going to be entering her in the Manchester session. She is a bit nervous about it as she has never entered a student in an overseas session before! I am assuming that it is a similar process but there is a question she has asked me that I don't know - I'm hoping that (assuming it is still a question asked in UK RAD exam entrance) someone can give me a rough idea of the answer!


distance in kilometres to exam centre.. in kms and in hours please


What do I put? daughter will be travelling public transport so...1 1/2 hours from Leeds to Manchester??? I am not sure where exactly the venue is to put the number of kilometres.

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The venue for RAD exams is the Dancehouse Theatre. That's very close to Oxford Road station (5mins walk) or slightly longer walk from Manchester Piccadilly (about 15 mins). You don't need to worry about precise distance or timings. They only ask this question so that they can decide where to place you in the day's schedule.

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Really pleased you have resolved the exam entry opportunity & good to see that it’s pisdibke for her to be entered by her current (Australian based?) teacher - quite right in this truly international dance today!

Goid luck to your daughter settling into her new home, country & Course & of course for her RAD exam!

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