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Dance Links w/b Sunday 01 September, 2019

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Links - Sunday 01 September, 2019



Review Roundup - Edinburgh:  Mark Brown, Herald Scotland

Scottish Ballet, The Crucible

Oona Doherty & Dancers, Hard to be soft

Company Chordelia, The Chosen


Comment - “As a male dancer myself, I know why Prince George was really mocked for taking ballet”:  George Williamson, Independent


Feature - Dance Diary for August 2019:  Michelle Potter, ... on dancing


Video Feature - Hannah Carter (Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre) Pointe Shoe Hacks:  Josephine Lee, Pointe Magazine

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Links – Monday 2 September, 2019


Reviews – Australian Ballet, Sylvia (Welch), Melbourne:

Jordan Beth Vincent, The Age

Rhys Ryan, Limelight


Review – Natalia Osipova & Colleagues, Pure Dance, Sydney: Geraldine Higginson, Dance Australia


Review – Queensland Ballet, Romeo and Juliet (MacMillan), BrisbaneDenise Richardson, Dance Australia


Film/DVD Previews – Russian Ballet Collection, Newly Restored Films: Charlotte Kasner,

Adam and EveSeeingDance

La Sylphide & ChopinianaSeeingDance


Preview – Dada Masilo, Giselle, London: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper


Preview – Joshua Beamish & Colleagues, @giselle, Vancouver: Jerry Hochman, Critical Dance


Coming Up:

Around the UK during Autumn:  Sunday Times (Scroll down)

In L.A. next week: Matt Cooper, LA Times

San Francisco & Bay Area this Fall: Roberto Friedman, Bay Area Reporter




In Memoriam John Mallinson


John closed down Links back on the last day of ballet.co in 2011 with a piece that can stand, with wit and subtlety, as his Epitaph here today: So.  Farewell

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Links – Tuesday 3 September, 2019


Review – Australian Ballet, Sylvia (Welch), Melbourne: Susan Bendell, Dance Australia


Tour Review – Royal New Zealand Ballet, “Bold Moves” Mixed Bill, Palmerston North: Tania Kopytko, Theatreview


Review – Jerusalem Ballet, Memento, Tel Aviv: Ofra Bengio, Jerusalem Post


Coming Up – Around the UK this Autumn: Mark Monahan, Telegraph


News – 2019 Telstra Award Nominees Announced: Jo Litson, Limelight

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Links – Wednesday 4 September, 2019


Fall preview – Aaron Mattocks, the new Programmer at The Joyce: Gia Kourlas, NY Times


Previews – Sydney Dance Company, 2020 Season:

Nick Galvin, Sydney Morning Herald

Justine Nguyen, Limelight


Preview – Acosta Danza, Evolution, London: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper


Feature – English National Ballet’s new HQ: Mike Brooke, East London Advertiser


Coming Up – In Portland, Oregon: Jamuna Chiarini, Oregon Artswatch


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Links – Thursday 5 September, 2019


Preview – Two unorthodox Swan Lakes (Keegan-Dolan & Bourne), Washington DC: Sarah L. Kaufman, Washington Post


Film/DVD Preview – Russian Ballet Collection, Newly Restored Films: Charlotte Kasner, SeeingDance

Ivan the Terrible & Romeo and Juliet


News – Royal Opera House Ballet & Opera Cinema Season, 2019/20: BWW UK


Coming Up:

In London, this Autumn: Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper

Dance and more In New York, this Fall: Mary von Aue, Observer


Preview – Manuel Liñán at Vancouver’s International Flamenco Festival: Janet Smith, Straight.com


Various – 3 articles in September’s Brooklyn Rail



Anyone remember this?

Freddie Mercury with the Royal Ballet, 1979: Stefan Kyriazis, Express  (with not the clearest video footage of the occasion)

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Links – Friday 6 September, 2019


Reviews – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Prog A – Lazarus, Revelations, London:

Debra Craine, The Times

Mark Monahan, Telegraph

Anna Winter, The Stage

Vera Liber, BTG

Teresa Guerreiro, Culture Whisper


Review – Tanz im August Festival, Work by Deborah Hay, Berlin: Veronica Posth, SeeingDance


Review – Queensland Ballet, Romeo and Juliet (MacMillan), Brisbane: Deborah Jones, FollowSpot


Tour Review – Royal New Zealand Ballet, “Bold Moves” Mixed Bill, Christchurch: Andrew Shepherd, Theatreview


Preview – Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY, @Giselle, Vancouver: Chava Lansky, Pointe Magazine


Coming Up – New York, Next Week: Gia Kourlas, NY Times


News – Henry Danton, still teaching at 100: Roslyn Anderson, WLOX


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Links – Saturday 7 September, 2019


Reviews – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Prog A – Lazarus, Revelations, London:

Jenny Gilbert, Arts Desk

Lyndsey Winship, Guardian  (Incl Prog B)

Maggie Foyer, SeeingDance


Feature – Behind the curtain at the Paris Opera: Joshua Barone, NY Times


Photo Feature – Tatyana Mazur’s collection of Soviet-era tutus: Bianca Ladipo & Whitten SabbatiniNY Times


Preview – Texas Ballet Theater, The Sleeping Beauty (Stevenson), Dallas & Fort Worth: Mike Brooks, Dallas Observer


Review – Joshua Beamish/MOVETHECOMPANY@Giselle, Vancouver: Janet Smith, Straight.com


Review – Tanz im August, Berlin: Veronica Posth, SeeingDance

CCN - Ballet de Lorraine, RainForest, Sounddance,

DANCE ON Ensemble, Berlin Story


Coming Up:

In Cork & London, Next Week: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian (Scroll down)

New York, in September/October : Marina Harss & Brian Seibert New Yorker

In Montreal this month: Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette

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