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Oklahoma! at the Circle In The Square Theatre, New York

Mandy Kent

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Any Oklahoma! fans here in ballet land?  There is a famous ballet/dance sequence in the original film. I first saw the stage show at the National Theatre with Hugh Jackman as Curly and Maureen Lipman as Aunt Eller. It was a traditional version and for me the benchmark for future Oklahoma!'s  I've also seen the Prom version on Youtube with the wonderful Robbie Fairchild as Will Parker. 

At this matinee performance at the Circle In The Square Theatre, New York City, there was an updated edge to the show. The attractive confident cowboy Curly (understudy Denver Milord ) carries a guitar and accompanies himself through 'Oh what a beautiful morning!'  ...Jud Fry ( Patrick Vaill) is a nervy disturbed young man rather than the ignorant brute usually depicted. The scenes in the Smoke House took part in complete darkness, 'Poor Jud Is dead' in the pitch black being rather weird and chilling rather than funny. The female actor playing Ado Annie , Ali Stroker has a disability requiring her to use a wheelchair but her characterisation, choreographed movement and voice were superb, she is so vivacious and talented and has been deservedly nominated for a Tony award. During the interval the entire audience were offered a meal of red chilli beans and corn bread which most of us lined up for, delicious! The dance sequence ( Laurey's dream) was a very contemporary affair with unusual back lighting and magnified images on the plain wall behind us. Rebecca Naomi Jones was a very sulky Laurey, I thought a little hint of her true feelings might have made her easier to believe.

So, yes I enjoyed it but I felt great sympathy for Jud, especially at the end when Curly is given a self defence verdict and gets off scot free.

Interested to hear any other people's views on this old but great musical...

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Oklahoma - see John Lithgow in 'Third Rock From the Sun' and his rendition of that song in a snowed-in diner. In my top 5 funniest TV moments ever!


My musical faves would include Carousel, Singing in the Rain, On The Town, All That Jazz, The Sound of Music and South Pacific. 

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