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LEOTARDS for sale: Degas, Luckyleo, Collections by Claudia (all almost new still)

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Selling the following gorgeous leotards, all worn less than a handful of times, most just once or twice for an hour or two each:



  • Degas 9557 in size  child 10A, colour Menthol: this is the camisole style with a white zip on the front.  Not easily bought in the UK.  So stunning and every time my daughter wore it, I got asked a lot where it is from.
  • Degas 9558 in size child 10A in colours Menthol, Iris and Camelia: camisole style with a gorgeous chest detail.  Very unique too and my daughter has never seen anyone in the same leotard in any classes or intensives she attended.


LUCKYLEO - I can't remember the style names, happy to send photos

  • Pink with mesh tank straps, size XXS
  • Emerald green with mesh straps and lovely back (big keyhole), in XXS
  • Green and nude low back , in size XS



  • Aurora style in colour Watermelon, size child medium
  • Juliet style in colour Ruby (red), size child medium
  • Sylvia style in colour Dusk (grey), size child medium
  • Sylvia style in colour Forest (dark green), in size child medium


All of these leotards are in EXCELLENT, almost brand new condition.  All were over £40 when originally bought (and also incurred customs fees in the case of Luckyleo and Collections by Claudia, approximately £14 per leotard - ouch!).  Looking for £29 per leotard, or £55 for 2 or £75 for 3.  Absolute bargain.  Postage free if buying 3 or more otherwise postage is £1.50 for one leotard and £2.50 for 2.


I am happy to send photos of these if you message me privately with your email address.



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1 hour ago, munchkin16 said:

What’s the sizing in the lucky Leo comparable to?

For comparison, my daughter wore the size XXS ones the same time she was a So Danca size 2, Degas child 10A, and Wear moi 8-10 years.  The XS is similar to So Danca 2A, Degas 12A and slightly smaller than a Yumiko size XS.  Perhaps a Bloch 10-12 years minimum.

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18 minutes ago, Astrid said:

Hello I am interested in the collections by Claudia ones too - roughly what age is child medium would you say? I’ll just measure her anyway..

Hi, I think maybe age 8-10 years?  They fit my daughter perfectly when she was about 136cm tall. I think Claudia has a size chart on her website with the measurements range.

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I have added a couple of Degas for sale:


  • Red 996E in child size 10A (this was especially ordered in so less likely that anyone else will have the same leotard as you in a class or audition).  This is a tank style leotard so perfect for those who prefer thicker straps to camisole.
  • A gorgeous limited edition 9624, in size child 12A.  Again, I had this specially ordered in a colour combination that I chose so it's very unique and unlikely to be exactly like anyone else's.  Currently this is on hold and just awaiting payment but I have not heard from the buyer so it might become available again.

Happy to send photos if you private message me your email address.

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15 hours ago, Sofia said:

I don’t know if these are still available but can you send me some pics of the Degas leos you have left and the Xs green lucky leo

I'm so sorry, these have all gone now.  I do know someone who is selling some Degas in a size 10A.  If you private message me, I can try and get you in touch with her.

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