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Tom dance

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1 hour ago, Tom dance said:

Best dance wear advice for beginners male adult ballet class?? 

really  depends how  brave you  feel ...  the whole thing of what to wear  at adult classes is fraught  for  anyone ,  you see the full range of options   in mayn places regardless of whether the dancersi n question are masculine or feminine in their presentation ... 

although appropriately supportive underwear  is a very  good idea 

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Depends on the situation. My DS wears leotard, dance belt and tights for “proper” ballet classes but for some of the less formal ones he just wears leotard/t shirt and his nike joggers! 😆😆

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Sounds a rather rare, formal, sort of class if they impose a 'uniform'.  The only adult class I've seen (and indeed enjoyed first hand as my first venture into all this, yet sadly only for a few weeks before it became impractical to attend) that imposed a uniform was The Russian Ballet School in Cambridge, which was great for all the long established well known reasons of sense of belonging, focus and seriousness, raised the bar, so to speak, of what was expected of you.  All very proper, it was.  Yeah, I guess men can wear black tights to any old adult class, but with the norm being people just turning up in a spare t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms or the like, they'd feel pretty silly especially as a beginner you don't really earn the right to look the part on day one.  Or at least that's how I feel abou it.  Which is shame and a missed opportunity, all for want of a little bravery of the teacher to impose a uniform for adults just as they do for children.  Where is your class, out of interest?

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