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For Sale - Spartacus - 9 & 10(2pm) - SC C16 - £21

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By a stoke of very good luck i read Elizabeth's message a minute after she posted. I rang her

 and she passed the phone to the box office. I gave my post code and the box office re-printed the ticket and gave it to Elizabeth.


I left the ticket at the box office last night.  


Had i not seen Elizabeth's message.....???



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Thank you Bill - I was able to enjoy the performance after all - and what a performance it was!!!


Just a warning to others leaving tickets at the new (possibly temporary) Box Office - the staff don't seem to be familiar with the usual practice of people leaving tickets for others to collect.  I wasted ages waiting for it to appear and when it didn't, this lead to me being cross questioned about its origins.  Although I prevaricated, there was inferred disapproval.  Fortunately, after contacting the seller through the website, he telephoned me and spoke to the member of staff  who reissued the ticket with ill-concealed bad humour.  Speaking to the seller,  I know it was left for me as I have bought from the him before with no problems - its a mystery where it ended up and why it wasn't brought to the Box Office 90 minutes before the performance as usual.  This might be a problem for others intending to use the same method to leave resold tickets for collection.  It would be a good idea to obtain contact details of the seller in case this happens again.

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The ticket for today - 2pm - was also left at the box office on Thursday at 6pm.


I have telephoned the box office this morning to make sure the 2pm ticket is there for collection. The very helpful person I spoke with could not find the ticket anywhere. He has re-printed the ticket and put it in the box ready for collection.


This is not the first time tickets I have left at the box office have 'disappeared'. 

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A way round this problem is to send the ticket buyer, in advance, an authorisation to get the ticket reprinted should the original “disappear”. It would need to include your post code, the number of the ticket, the order number and the last four digits of the card used for the purchase.  This way the buyer would be protected from Box Office mistakes.

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