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How to get a dance programe out there?

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Hello there Folks, 


I need a little bit of advice..


I run a ballet company and associates programme, but I am really struggling to get the word out there about what we are doing. 


Obviously all the usual places (Instagram and FB ect), but it is so hard trying to reach people, especially when local schools misunderstand what you are trying to do and think you are poaching their pupils. The point is to make more jobs for dancers and give young dancers extra more professional training,  in addition to where they currently train. 


It is really hard when you are just trying to help improve the dance industry and the futures for young people, but please may I have any suggestions of where you would normally look for additional more serious training, where to advertise and what people are looking for as I am struggling somewhat. 


Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


S x

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Getting a new business venture off the ground can be really challenging, and the sector you are in is very competitive.  


A couple of thoughts on things which might help:


1) For the associates programme your relationship with your local dance schools is key.  Talk to them (in person if possible) to make it clear that you are offering an associates scheme in which you will work with them, that you are not trying to take over the students' training completely.  Offer to do some workshops with them so that they can see you at work.  Maybe a summer school or Easter Club so that they can see how you work before entrusting their students to you.


2) Your marketing needs to be very clear in what you are offering and be up to date.  You seem to be using Facebook a lot, but your website doesn't give a full picture of what you are doing

  • At the moment your website says that you are setting up an associates programme and feeder school for your company.  If I was a local dance teacher reading the 'feeder school' aspect might suggest to me that you want to take over the students training
  • There is no mention of what the commitment will be for the associates programme (how many days a week for example), and what the cost will be.  I would want to know this before I contacted you.
  • Also it says Auditions in January 2019 - so if I was looking at that I would think the opportunity was passed
  • It shows last production as Cinderella in 2018 and nothing new since then.  This makes it look as if the company isn't really doing much (but from facebook it looks as if it is)


3) Be open about who you are and who will be teaching on your programme

  • Your website doesn't say who you are (as an individual), where you trained, what your professional experience is, what your teaching qualifications and experience are.  These are all things which will give prospective customers confidence in what they are buying from you
  • You should also publish this information for other teachers who are working with you.


4) Use your own professional network

  • Get people you have worked with in the past to endorce you with comments on Social Media
  • You undoubtedly have worked with people who now run their own schools, bring them into the loop with what you are doing, and see if they would like to send students to you


5) The more you get your company out there doing performances the more people will know your name - that will be good for both the company and the associates programme.


Hope some of this helps.  Good luck

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Hello Newworksballetheatre,


Glowlight has given you some really excellent advice there.


Could I please ask you, in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy, to add a signature to your profile?


"Members who have commercial interests must indicate that by adding a Signature line to their postings, stating the name and type of their business and giving their website and/or business email address for enquiries. Signatures are best displayed as text but smallgraphic logos are permissible. (Set up a Signature via Account Settings in the dropdown menu under your name.) If members wish to contact businesses, associate schemes or other commercial enterprises this should be done via the vendor’s website or email, not by starting threads on the forum. Sending promotional ‘mailshot’ messages to other users is not allowed.



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As a parent, I have looked at your site following your last post. We are relatively local to you. 


I was not clear on what the dancers will be associates of? Usually, it's RB/Elmhurst /RAD /Ballet Cymru/Morea/London Studio etc. An established company or school. If it is an associate of your school/company, I was not clear on this. The productions you have photographs of look like it's a community dance project? I may be wrong. 


As an associate, my DD works closely with company directors and artists and there is a clear focus for the sessions and an end of year performance. 


So, to echo what others have said, your site and marketing needs clarifying. Perhaps look at other companies and their associate information... What do they provide? Expect from associates? Charge? Where do they meet? How often? Ages? Who will be teaching? What are their qualifications? What is the aim of the programme - eg. What are we paying for and what will the dancers gain? 


It would be fabulous to have more dance opportunities in the South West so I look forward to hearing more about your company. 😊

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Hi there,


I am also a parent of a young dancer.  I think it's great that there is a provision in the South West (I had no idea).  For the past four years we have travelled to associates programmes further afield, as I've struggled to find anything locally.  I know quite a few other parents who travel to places as far as Devon, London, and Birmingham.


I have had a good nose around your website, and I do agree with other posters.  I don't think it is as 'polished' or professional as many other companies who run associates programmes, good examples of websites from schools who run associates programmes are places like; Ballet Boost, CBA, etc.  I've also visited your facebook page, and again I think this could be a little more polished.  I did notice that your website and facebook page differ in information.  I'm not sure when your website was last updated, but have noticed you are running a summer school and even have guest teachers which is brilliant, however this is not on your website which is a shame as you could potentially reach a larger audience.


Also there is really no information about the associates programme that you run, I would like to see the following on a website;

what your programme has to offer?

why people should let their children audition to your programme?

how to audition? 

when auditions will be held?

who will the teachers be, and what experience do you/they have?

how many spaces there are for associates?

are there junior, mid, senior associates programmes?

what uniform do you have?  I always thing a uniform is an indication that things are taken seriously, and of professionalism.  

If the programme is already running what are your associates doing/what have they been doing?

How can you help to improve a dancers ability/skill/confidence?   


I think If people are paying for a service for their child, they want to know what they are getting for their money, and why you are the best option?


I hope this helps.



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My daughters has been taking classes with this company via Zoom during lockdown. They have been exceptional. She also participated in the Summer School which again was fabulous. The tuition has been personal, professional and progressive. I would 100% recommend this company and urge people to join in with the opportunities they offer. Sarah runs the program and is one of our lockdown hero’s xxxxx

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