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From the Moderators: Hidden posts and AUP

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There have been a number of postings recently that have had to be hidden as they breach the Acceptable Use Policy to which all users agreed when they signed up.  It is noted that some of these posts were made by members who have been reminded of this in the past.


The AUP includes prohibitions on highly critical posts made using a pseudonym and on potentially libellous posts.  Those responsible for this forum have no way of independently verifying potentially libellous posts and, accordingly, it is irrelevant if the matters in a potentially libellous post are true or not.  The trustees of this forum are not willing to put their livelihoods on the line; therefore, if members wish to discuss contentious matters in this way, they will need to go elsewhere to do so.


Further breaches of the AUP are likely to result in members being suspended or banned.   


Thank you.

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