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Last night, in the Paul Hamlyn bar, a member of staff was carrying out a survey of audience members. Questions like 'is this your first visit', ' Do you feel welcome' and generally questions about the  level of satisfaction with performances, costs of food, quality etc. I mentioned that the main problem was,the ever increasing cost of seats, particularly for the traditional ballets and opera. I was told that this was the biggest message coming back from most people responding.


There was,also a demonstration against BP's sponsorship - rather oddly, a gentleman near me asked one of the demonstrators, very politely, to be quieter so he could enjoy his conversation with his companions, and was told rather sternly by a security man not to do this!

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3 hours ago, Fiz said:

How bizarre!

What- the survey or the demo?! The latter was composed by a motley collection of men,women and a small child who stood in a circle near to the entrance of the PH while a member of the group intoned statements that I could not make out, the PH having strange acoustics.

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