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RAD Summer School Dartington Totnes 2019


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Hello all

DD is booked on to this summer school from Monday 26th Aug, is anyone else booked on or have attended previous years? 

This is the first year she has been old enough to attend

@Lara Eschlerdis you say your DS is going?  Do you know what group he is in yet?


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Hi #fairydust,

My son is 9 going into year 5 (but has only finished Grade 2).and first time attending Dartington. I got some info yesterday but have not logged in yet (we are on holiday). He is not boarding though. Will look at the info and get back to you. Is your dd boarding?

hope to meet you there 😀

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yes she loved it last year and learnt so much!

 She was 9 in may. I have only just paid and registered so still waiting to hear any more details. Last year my daughter was the youngest by a mile so it will be lovely if there are other young ones. They will put similar ages together 😀

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