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Summer Intensives


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Hello, im very new to this and have some questions which I hope you may be able to help with.. I’m wondering which are the best summer and indeed Easter intensives that are non selective, and the best selective?  For my 11 dd. 


Also has anyone any experience of Rosella Hightower in Cannes, both their intensives and full-time training?


thank you



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Hello Lexballet and welcome to the forum.  I’ve added the tag “Holiday Courses” to your thread (underneath the title).  If you click on the tag, all the threads about summer schools and holiday courses will be listed.


Are you looking for summer schools in the UK, or abroad? 

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From my DD experience I could recommend the following:



Malvern/ OPES – for spring intensive

We are trying RB this summer for the first time so cannot give feedback if any good.



The National Conservatory Dance School - https://www.eadcn.pt/en/  - very high standard of dancers



IB Stage - Barcelona

Russian Masters Ballet Camp in Alicante

Centre de Dansa de Catalunya - Catalunya



Ellison Ballet – would recommend both programmes - Variations and PDD (very demanding classes and kids actually work and sweat)

The Alvin Ailey – fantastic teachers!

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