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Outdoor shoes that can dance in for daughter


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My daughter ruined her ballet shoes last week dancing outside in them with her friend :/.  She was on a playdate after ballet.  It made me wonder what shoes are the most comfortable for the children to wear to dance in outside if they can't be barefoot?.


I thought perhaps the sketchers go walk?


Thank you in advance! 

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I know this not helpful to discussion but when my Dd was learning either grade 1 or 2 the teacher commented on how she had perfected one of the exercises by the second lesson to what she considered exam standard. She asked where she’d been practising - in the garden in her wellies! 


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My sister in law is a great runner, Jane; she used to run at County level and has done two marathons - she puts it down to running up hill in wellies on her parents’ farm! 


MummytoIzzy I would say plimsolls or Skechers but I wouldn’t necessarily go and buy new shoes just for dancing outside!   Barefoot on the lawn or beach would be quite nice.  Be careful about very energetic dancing with lots of jumping though because as Pictures says, outdoors has no “spring” to absorb impact. 

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