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Boys and Year 7 auditions


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For Boys when we applied it was about 1 in 4 who got in to W / L compared to about 1 in 10 for girls. Royal are the only school which publishes the numbers who apply and how many get accepted. sorry couldn't post link to annual report. Check out Royal Ballet School website then publications to find annual report which tells you how many applied and how many were accepted.

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I've just looked at the annual reports for RBS for 10/11 and 9/10




75 boys and 326 girls

80 boys and 339 girls




And about 10 to 12 of each sex accepted


But quite honestly I don't think that should make a difference to the decision to audition - it's interesting to put it into context, but you're either good enough (whatever that is - that's another discussion) to get a place or you're not and if your don't try, you'll never know.


As Kathy said, the other schools don't publish their figures but they're likely to be similar.


Just to clarify how I see it - if you're not suitable for full-time training at a school, it wouldn't master if there were only 10 others auditioning - you still wouldn't get the place. And if you're amazing, it wouldn't matter if there were 1,000 others there with you.


It is good to be realistic about the chances of getting a place - it helps then if it doesn't work out, but actually it's really disappointing at the time no matter how well prepared you are.


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Someone will probably have more up to date info than me, but for WL I think they've been slowly taking more boys to finals each year with now about 40 or just under I think, but hope someone who has been more recently than me can fill us in (and say how many girls)

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Interesting, thank you all. Obviously quite a few of the children will be auditioning for more than one school so how many individuals there are altogether won't be as simple as multiplying the WL figures by 3 or 4. Part of the problem is I have no idea if he'll be good enough or not, I know nothing at all about dancing. Obviously his teachers will and he's just started Elmhurst Associates so I guess we'll have a better idea after a couple of years of that! He's only year 4 at the moment but thoughts of secondary school are creeping up quickly. It's all too scary!

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