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£10 off most rail journeys, £10 and £20 hotels


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This week's Money Saving Expert mail (http://www.moneysavi...t.com/latesttip) features some good travel deals including £10 voucher off almost any train journey and hotels for £10 and £20. Availability for all includes the holiday season.


1) £10 The train voucher is with Redspottedhanky. The voucher codes will be released at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Thursday.


Details of this and other (though not all) train deals/strategies at:



2) hotel rooms for £10 - De Vere hotels - Book between noon Thursday and noon Friday):


3) hotel rooms for £20 - Ramada (including London). Need a voucher from The I Paper (20p) or The Independent. There may possibly be a printable voucher on the Independent website on Friday.


Details of these and some other hotel deals at:



No connection to any of the above - just passing on the info.


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Most of the folks I know were able to get and use the £10 train voucher codes without problems when the first batch were released at 11 a.m. today.


For anyone who missed the first batch of codes, moneysavingexpert.com will be releasing the 2nd (final) batch of 15,000 codes at 3 p.m. today (Thurs).


At exactly that time, go to: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-train-tickets#codes Refresh your browser if the form for obtaining the redspottedhanky.com code is not yet there. You'll be asked to give your email address and postcode. Then you'll be given a unique voucher code to enter at the redspottedhanky.com site.



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The deVere £10 hotels deal hasn't started as smoothly. From a note on the moneysavingexpert.com site:


MSE update 12.15pm Thu 11 Oct: Unfortunately, the De Vere website is experiencing technical difficulties and bookings cannot currently be made online. De Vere has said it doesn't know when the issue will be resolved but we'll let you know here as soon as we're updated. In the meantime, you can book by telephoning 0844 980 8056.

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I saw that the link to the £20 Ramada Hotels (including London) is already live - without requiring a newspaper purchase:



(It's not yet linked from the moneysavingexpert.com page.)


Right now there's great availability - e.g. the London Ramada DockLands Hotel and Suites is available for almost all dates in July. There's a maximum of 2 nights per booking, 3 bookings per person. Breakfast isn't included.



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