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RBS auditions


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how many children turn up for preliminary regional auditions for RBS ? and how many do they take forward roughly to finals in London?

Just wondering how big it all is  regionally and how tough it is to actually get thro' to  London finals and how many  they  take to London - to prep a childs expectations...... and my own of course....

just at that stage where  we need to make decisions on how serious this all is but realistically get an idea about chances   at same time

DD is year 7

has anyone gone  back several times before getting thro to finals or giving up? 

she is desperate for a 'full time' place at a school but i suspect chances are slim  and want to try and open her mind to other ways of continuing her dancing if unable to gain full time place  as a teen etc  ..... struggling mum with hopeful expectations and reality  x



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I’m not sure how many turn up at each regional audition but in total, from memory, the last time I read the stats there are probably around about 460 girls audition and they take probably around 50-60 through to finials usually offering around 12 places? This is for year 7. Is this the year she would be auditioning for or is she already in year 7 going into year 8? 

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According to the Annual report, In the 2017/ 2018 academic year, 488 girls and 98 boys participated in the preliminary audtions for white lodge. In the same academic year, there were between 11 and 15 girls and the same of boys in each year of White lodge.

There are no statistcs given on how many were taken to the final audition but you might find the information in an older thread on here as quite a few people have had children making the finals.

Is your DD currently in year 7 and would be applying for a year 9 place? The odds are greatly reduced for candidates for years other than year 7 and it is not every year that they have places available.

There are certainly people who audition several consecutive years for a place!

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