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Covent Garden Dance Company at Hatch House, Wilts - July 2019

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4 minutes ago, Mandy Kent said:

Hatch House Wiltshire


dancers include Mara Galeazzi, Vito Mazzeo, Steven McCrae and Lauren Cuthbertson. There are still tickets for Sun 28th July when I’m going . Anyone else ? 

Errrrrr.....not at those prices!!  😲


I am sure it will be a lovely occasion.

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Some opera tickets at ROH cost more than this and this includes a reception and a 3 course dinner and wine. A chance to mingle and meet the dancers and so on .

And for me the chance to see Mara dance again ! I’m spending my kids inheritance ! 

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  • alison changed the title to Covent Garden Dance Company at Hatch House, Wilts - July 2019

The Beckford Arms is nice and very close.  If not, the Grosvenor Arms in Shaftesbury has nice rooms or The Lamb at Hindon.  All places less than 8 miles from venue.  I live just five miles from Hatch House and it is a lovely setting BUT for my money, the price is OTT.  I have attended twice and enjoyed it but prices have gone through the roof.  For anyone interested, here's the pro's and cons:




Beautiful setting a in a fabulous part of the country on the Wilts Dorset border.  Tisbury station three miles away.  Hatch House has lovely gardens and you have pre-dinner drinks in an Italianate garden and its all very festive and nice and people dress up a bit.  Both times I've been weather has been great so I can't say what happens if it rains. 


Dinner served at round tables of 10/12 so unless you've taken a whole table, you will be with strangers, most of whom will not know anything about ballet so conversation can be a little strained.  All pretty civilised though.


Ballet usually takes place in two intervals on a raised stage at the end of the canopied eating area.  It all looks very pretty at night and the atmosphere is good.


The occasions I went you had to leave after the performance but I see they are making drinks available afterwards which will add to the occasion.


If you stay over, you will have the opportunity to visit the wonderful Pyt House Kitchen Garden which is across the road and is THE place in this area.  Opens for breakfast through tea and you can buy veg and flowers and PYO.




I wouldn't rave about the food.  It was okay, not much more and I've had the same feedback from others.  Ordering wine is a bit of a scrum and difficult when you're sitting with people you don't know.  (just seen that wine is included this year which is much better, not least for the pocket)


They do a seating plan so its entirely the luck of the draw where you will be seated.  The tables towards the back are not good as obviously the lawn is not raked which means sight lines are pretty difficult.


You don't get much ballet for your money!  Less than an hour as I recall and the stage is so small they really can't do much.  Musical accompaniment is limited.


So, in summary, this was all terrific when it was around the £75 mark but now its so costly, for me it isn't worth the money. IMHO not an evening for ballet lovers, more a social night out with some ballet thrown in.

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Thanks for the info Penelope, that’s very useful and I’m looking forward to it even more. The food doesn’t bother me as I’ll eat veggie there. The veggie food supplied at such occasions is rarely much to write home about. I’m just going for a lovely night out with some of my very favourite dancers xxx 

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You will have a great time, Mandy.  I saw Mara and Gary Avis and there was a brief opportunity for a chat in a very informal setting.  Its all very beautiful and if the weather is kind, nothing could be nicer.  If you can, do visit Pyt House the next day.  It is really something.  They grow everything you eat which you can see growing in the beautifully tended Victorian kitchen garden.  Hatch House which used to own it, is also the farm for their dairy produce.



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Dear BalletcoForumers, I am posting this on behalf of the team at COVENT GARDEN DANCE COMPANY

the information below is not from Mandy Kent 


Dear all at Balletcoforum ,


I would never dream of posting personally about the shows but I do feel that the ‘pros and cons’ are not quite accurate.  I completely appreciate any and all feedback as it is always invaluable and we strive to improve year on year, which we have.   If you have not been to Hatch House for a few years then you will not have experienced any of the improvements we have made over the years.  We have worked tirelessly on this show for a decade and from its humble start of 157 people it is now 3 nights of 400+.

Hugely flattering.  What is more flattering is that it has sold out two nights in record time this year highlighting the fact the all the improvements we have made year on year have had the desired effect. 


Some further correction is that it is not a dinner with a bit of 'ballet thrown in'. There are three half hour sections of performance.  Each half hour section has (usually) four short works in it lasting between 5 and 11 minutes. 

If you have not been for a few years then you would not know this.  

Over the past ten years we have put tens of thousands of pounds into commissioning new works on young and emerging creatives. 

From these shows choreographic careers have been supported and we always open up our dress rehearsals for free to children and students.


You might also not know that from this weekend of ballet and dance we created a charity called the Dicky Buckle Fund in honour of him and to support artists and creatives in their careers and to also further the education in the arts. 


The ticket price has never been £75, the cheapest the tickets have ever been were £95 in 2011, seven years ago.  The reason the ticket price went up was because we had to become VAT registered and we discovered one year that we were making a lot of loss!  We didn’t want to pass this 20% VAT price hike onto the customer in one go so we passed it on gradually over 4 years.  This nearly broke us as a company as we had to take a huge hit in the very small profit.  You can thank HMRC for that.  


We did everything we could to ensure people still came and that everything the show does for all those who love and support still happened. I was determined not to let the dream disappear.


The food has always been good. But we always try to improve  We have had a new caterer for the last year and the food is now fabulous.  We serve over 1,200 three course dinners so we expect the occasional issue. But they really are rare.  We also very generous with the inclusive wine, serving over 1000 bottles last year as part of the ticket.


Last year for your Best Of British ticket you got: An amazing goblet of superior quality G&T on entry . You had a divine three course dinner with ample excellent wine.  (We ensure the wine is excellent because I want people to not only feel amazing on the night but the next day too!)  and all 12 world class performances.


It is an evening designed so that you can experience the beauty and glory of ballet and dance in the most beautiful surroundings.  It is never meant to be an evening of narrative ballet or a ‘Big production’ etc.  It is the best of the best in one of the most beautiful natural theatres in England.


I hope you don’t mind me straightening the record but I think it is fair to represent the work and dedication not only of my team but also all the incredible artists who have worked with us over the years.  It is a passion, and I feel passionately about it.


We want everyone from the first timer to the balletomane to come and have the most wonderful evening.  The ballerinas are not the only ones who strive for perfection! ;))


Thank you so much for all the support and feed back it is always welcome from everyone.


Best wishes to one and all.



Team Covent Garden Dance Company 




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Glad to know that feedback is welcomed by the Organisers - just don't say anything less than laudatory!


Clearly, like all reviews, my report was my subjective opinion based on attendance on two separate years.  Actually, I toned things down because I didn't want Mandy or anyone else to have me raining on their parade.


However, in view of the  Organisers response, I will emphasise that I stand by every word I wrote.  Apart from the magical setting I found the evenings disappointing, the food mediocre and the whole thing  massively over-priced.  Certainly that is the view of many people in this area where I have lived for more than twenty years.  However, I it is only fair to say that I came at Hatch House from the perspective of many visits to Covent Garden which made comparisons inevitable with the result that the ballet component came up light.  I would also add that if you want a really special evening in agreeable surroundings, Hatch House is a good bet.  

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Dear Penelope,

I thank you for all your time and effort and kind words (and also the critical ones).  We always welcome all feedback whether good or bad and we actually act on it.  The post that Mandy kindly posted on my behalf was purely to set the record straight a little, It was also written to give some more background on the event and what it does and for who.  The high ticket price is a result of the 20% increase and the increase of prices of staff/food/wine etc.   


I believe the last year you attended was 2014 when Mara and Gary danced and therefore there has been a huge amount of changes since.  Therefore I think you can understand that I wanted to make sure that the work of the team and artists was fairly represented.  


I would like to invite you as my guest to Hatch House 2019 on the Sunday evening and to write a short review of the show here on the forum.   This way you will get to have a fabulous evening and you can let me know if you think the changes we have made over the years have hit the mark.  Please pop me an email and let me know if you can make the 28th of July.


I do hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine.


Happy Easter one and all!



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  • 1 month later...



We can now confirm that Vasko Vassilev will be joining the production for the show in July at Hatch House. We are hugely proud to be able to welcome this international super star musician to Hatch House. 


Bulgarian violinist and conductor Vasko Vassilev is Concert Master of the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. He joined the Orchestra as Concert Master in 1993, the first person to hold the position.

Vassilev was born in Sofia and first began studying the violin aged five. 


He trained at the Moscow Conservatory, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal College of Music. He was appointed super soloist at the Lyon Opera House aged 21 and appointed Concert Master at the Royal Opera house aged 23. 


In 2005 he made his British conducting debut at the Royal Albert Hall, and was appointed Creative Producer of the Royal Opera House. He is Artistic Director of Trittico, for which he produces and performs both traditional and contemporary repertory with numerous artists, groups and orchestras. He is also Artistic Director of the Soloists of Covent Garden, London Chamber Orchestra and Laureate, an orchestra he founded made up exclusively of international prize-winners.


Over the years, Vasko has worked with many musicians of other disciplines and styles, including Placido Domingo, Sting, Ronnie Wood, Vanessa-Mae, Paco Pena, and Erasure


If you would like to book tickets or would like further information then please go to www.coventgardendance.com or email us onmail@coventgardendance.com.


For more information on Vasko Vassilev please visit: www.vaskovassilev.com



open?msgid=gfPOG8uUe8w9dtKK4s9ZGQ2Hot from Hatch House ! 

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This sounds fantastic, although the price is a little high per night.
Does a portion of the ticket price go to charity, or will there be separate charity events going on? And another question, which wine will be served at the night?


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On 07/06/2019 at 20:21, Rosefin said:

This sounds fantastic, although the price is a little high per night.
Does a portion of the ticket price go to charity, or will there be separate charity events going on? And another question, which wine will be served at the night?


The price includes good quality wines and a high standard of catering with a sit down 3 course meal. I have no idea which wines are being served ! Would that be a deal maker ? If so I can enquire!? Or you can contact Covent Garden Dance Company through their website. 

As far as I know this is not a charity fund raiser. The price of the ticket is to cover the cost of the meal/ drinks /venue hire/ payment of staff/ payment of dancers/ tax and insurance etc. I personally think it is good value for money if you wish to treat yourself. I realise not everyone can afford it, but we all choose and budget according to our individual means I guess. 

The dancers listed are all amazing with many principal dancers. I’m going on the Sunday evening 😀

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Just in from The Covent Garden Dance Company.. with the  full programme !

There are just a few tickets left for the Sunday Evening

The Covent Garden Dance Company are celebrating ten years of ballet and dance at Hatch House in Wiltshire. Over the last decade Hatch House has played host to some of the biggest names in ballet and dance including Carlos Acosta, Lauren Cuthbertson, Mara Galeazzi, Vadim Muntagirov and many, many more.
The all-inclusive dinner ticket includes a welcome drink, three course gourmet dinner with wines and all 12 world class performances. You are invited to come and dine amongst the scents of the summer flora in Hatch House’s world-famous Walled Garden and watch some of the world’s greatest dancers perform for your delectation.
The company of world-famous artists perform a mixed bill of classical, contemporary and neoclassical works. To celebrate the 10th anniversary this year’s stars include Steven McRae (Royal Ballet), Lauren Cuthbertson (Royal Ballet), Xander Parish (Mariinsky Ballet), Maria Khoreva (Mariinsky Ballet), Ksenia Ovsyanick (Staatsballett, Berlin) Mara Galeazzi and many more.
The dinner and performances all take place in a specially created 440 seat dinner theatre within the walled garden (covered for the event) with half hour sections of performance taking place between the three dining courses.
The Covent Garden Dance Company have earned a reputation for presenting some of the most beautiful gala programmes in the world. The combination of ballet and fine dining is a treat for anyone and everyone.
Post show there is a fully furnished cocktail bar and music till 1am with a divine menu created especially for the event by our mixologists.
For further information or to book tickets for the summers hottest event at www.coventgardendance.com or email us on events@coventgardendance.com.
Choreographer: Vitali Safronkine. Music: Arvo Pärt (Summa) Performed by Vitali Safronkine, Iker Murillo, Maria Sabater.
ROMEO & JULIET: Balcony pas de deux.
Choreographer: Sir Kenneth Macmillan. Music: Sergei Prokofiev Performed by: Mara Galeazzi and Vito Mazzeo
CONCERTO: 2nd Movement Pas De Deux
Choreography: Sir Kenneth Macmillan. Music: Dmitri Shostakovich Second Piano Concerto. Performed by Lauren Cuthbertson and Nicol Edmonds
CORSAIRE: Act 2 Pas De Deux.
Choreography: Marius Petipa. Music by Adolphe Adam. Performed by Xander Parish and Maria Khoreva
Choreography Steven McRae. Music: Benny Goodman. Performed by Steven McRae
Choreography: Vitali Safronkine. Music: Giovanni Sollima Performed by: Vitali Safronkine and Maria Munoz Sabater
QUALIA: Choreography Wayne McGregor. Music: Scanner Performed by: Mara Galeazzi and Vito Mazzeo
Choreography: Juliano Nunes. Music: Schubert Impromptus. D 899 (Op.90) Impromptu No.3 in G Flat Performed by: Xander Parish and Maria Khoreva. - Choreography: Juliano Nunes
Choreography Ksenia Ovsyanick. Music Phillip Glass. Performed by: Ksenia Ovsyanick & Zdenek Konvalina
Choreography: Music: Czardas performed by Vasko Vassilev Performed by Steven McRae
Choreography: Vitali Safronkine Music: Ólafur Arnalds Performed by: Vitali Safronkine, Iker Murillo and Maria Sabater
Choreography: Nacho Duato. Music: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Johann Sebastian Bach Performed by: Ksenia Ovsyanick (Staats Ballet Berlin) Zdenek Konvalina (Covent Garden Dance)
WHITE ADAGIO. ACT II. SWAN LAKE: Choreography: Marius Petipa. Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky Performed by: Lauren Cuthbertson and Nicol Edmonds
Choreography: Eric Gauthier. Music: 101 special recording. Performed by: Xander Parish

Chic and elegant with an eye on the weather.
The gardens are covered for the event, but they are not heated. Please dress for the weather as well as the occasion.
There is plenty of free parking in the estate. You will be guided by the marshals as you
arrive down the grand drive. Please follow their instructions.
The Gardens open at 5:30pm and the show starts at 7:15pm. The show ends around 11pm.
The is a cocktail bar for pre & post-show social and dancing until 1am.
You can pay for using cash or card at the event.
Tisbury station is 6 mins from Hatch House venue.
We will contact all parties and bookings to check for any dietary requirements. We try to ensure that we can cater for almost all dietary requirements. If you have any severe allergies, then please ensure you make the production aware.
The gardens are open till 1am and you are welcome to stay until your taxi arrives. Guests in general stay post show until 12:30 – 1am for a social. However, if cocktails and music are not your thing then midnight is a good time to book your cab for.
LOCAL ACCOMMODATION: We have a ‘Recommended Accommodation’ list of places in the area that you can book. Please just email us for the list.
MENU &WINES: The menu is a set menu and is a three-course gourmet dinner with wines. We are generous with our wine allowing around 3⁄4 of a bottle per guest.
SAT NAV: Hatch House, West Hatch, Wiltshire. SP3 6PA.

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