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Have you all seen "John Hall"s videos?

Lisa O`Brien

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I'm guessing most of you on here already know of him. It's not his real name. Can't remember what his real name is now. His You Tube account in his real name was suspended as he had uploaded too many videos a few years ago. I look in on his videos every so often and they are absolute gems. Anyone and everyone famous in the Ballet world, captured on film. My absolute favourites are his films of Pavlova. Aside from Ballet he has uploaded footage of La Goulue ; real name Louise Webber, dancing in later years. Also footage of Claude Monet, filmed painting at home and  Edgar Degas walking down the street. His videos, even the tiny snippets that only last a few seconds, are just glorious. Thank goodness we have someone like him to allow us all to see these remarkable pieces of history. I would urge you to check out his wealth of videos for yourself. ( I'm not related to him or being paid to promote his channel or anything, BTW.. Just an avid fan) !!

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