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"Assessed out"? I'm here for anyone who'd like an ear


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Our experience of my son being assessed out of WL was about 10 years ago now, but I remember it like it was yesterday. He went on to a new school and a career (albeit short - his choice in the end) as a ballet dancer. I'm happy to chat online or on the phone to anyone who would like some support - just send me a pm.


I'm no longer a moderator on here but have been a member since the early original forum days and have seen a lot of ups and downs for lots of people as well as our own!

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Bravo, Julie! We don't hear much about this. My DD had a year in our Scholars associate programme in Year 8. Didn't get in again, but it actually served to confirm in her own mind that she wasn't cut out for a ballet career – in fact she didn't even want to finish the year!


I'm always amazed at the endless enthusiasm and positivity I see/hear from the young dancers dedicated to pursuing their art, but of course there's plenty more who give up the dream or realise it's not for them. In no way does it take away from their talent and achievements! When people ask me why DD doesn't want a ballet career, I just tell them that about 2% might have everything in the right place at the right time, and maybe 0.5% of kids who dance actually end up with ballet as a career. But they gain so many other things! Particularly confidence, poise, and it's great brain training (all that mirror image work 'doing it on the other side' is awesome for brains!).

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Thank you JulieW. The dancers at our local school still have love and passion for dance even though not many got recalled for finals at lower schools, they are already talking of going again next year. I really think its us as parents that struggle with it all. LOL

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