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Luckyleos Size Small for sale


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I have three brand new custom Luckyleos, ordered for my daughter. They are all a new style just launched and unfortunately they seem to come up a big compared to their other styles. Tried on but not worn, tags attached. Only arrived from

US today!


Bliss in Dusk with Petal Print cap sleeves. Fully lined (front and back). Size small. Link below: 




Bliss - same as picture above - but body is in Stone Camelia print with 3/4 white mesh sleeves. Fully lined. Size small.



Bliss - same style as picture in link - but body in Red with 3/4 white lace sleeves. Fully lined. Size small.


All have a lovely low back. 


I am able to return them for full refund but thought that I would see if anyone on here was interested first! They take 5-8 weeks if ordered from Lucky Leo. Each cost £80 including customs charges (plus postage)  so would really like £75 each. 


I can send photos is anyone anyone is interested. 

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Hello Balletmum1704


i was actually going to order that Leo for my daughter as a treat.  Wasn't sure about the sizing but thought the small would be fine. 

My daughter is 5ft 7ish.  Would happily buy it from you  

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Which one? The Rose and Petal? It’s gorgeous!! My daughter is only 5’1 and wears an XS in Wear Moi, T0 in Degas (with straps shortened). 


The Bliss style comes up too long and too wide at the shoulders for her. 


If you give me an email address I can send pictures, alongside another leotard if you want to see sizing. I can also measure for you.


The other two are also very pretty, just too big!! 

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