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Young Dancers Academy - associate scheme?


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Does anyone know if the young dancers academy have an associate scheme? Have looked on their website but there is only info on full time courses which we could not afford as appt there isn't funding? Dd would be auditioning for a year 7 place. Thanks

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WLSD is the after school dance school which takes on kids from 3 and a half to 16 and is mostly non vocational even though there are some very serious dance students in that section. YDA is the full time school affiliated to WLSD which takes kids from 11 (year 7) to 16 and is a vocational school with academics up toGCSE. Additionally there is an associate scheme which Im pretty sure is still running but you'd have to call them and check.

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Hi Balletjack,

Both my daughters have attended YDAAC whilst being JAs at the Royal. It's a lovely school with brilliant teachers some of whom we knew from the RBS. WLSD(part-time school) offers after school and weekend classes for children up to age 16 although they accept by audition if the kids are 8+. YDA associates are mostly the ones who have attended at least 2 WLSD classes to be considered to audition. As far as I know YDA Associates are in two groups but I haven't seen anyone older than 11, as that's when everyone auditions for Vocational schools. They obviously don't need to attend the Associate class once they've started full-time training.

Hope this helps a little and good luck to your DD.

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