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LECTURE about Russian Ballet - Friday 15 March

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Friday 15 March 2019 at 7 p.m.
LECTURE: Is Russian Classical Ballet Training Still the Best? And How Different Are Today’s Dancers to Those in the 1970s And 1980s? 
By ballet critic and journalist Margaret Willis 


This event at Sutton Russian Circle will be conducted in English. 

Address: 10 Cedar Road, Sutton, SM2 5DA.  30 min. from Victoria St. to Sutton, then 4 min. walk. Admission: Free for Members. Guests £8 (includes buffet supper). 


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Thanks Amelia but to be honest I've never seen a direct train from Brighton to Sutton! 

Thameslink trains go to London Bridge and then on to Kings Cross St Pancras and Bedford etc. (Some even go through to Cambridge ....though this latter connection is highly unreliable at the moment and is cancelled more times than it runs it seems)  

Victoria Line trains go to Victoria .

There may be a link on these lines to Sutton via East Croydon or Clapham Junction  where I would have to change trains ....I don't know. But otherwise would have to go up to Victoria and then back out again.

its the timing coming back because I don't live at Brighton Station!....but four and a half miles tothe East of Brighton so on any journey back I have to be able to get the last bus connection from the station ( 11.30 pm) or it's a £17 taxi fare!! 

So for me personally I don't really see Sutton as a place I would want to make a journey to ...to go to a talk however interesting it may be....unless it was more of an afternoon timing.



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3 hours ago, Amelia said:

It is not convoluted, LinMM, at all. First Capital Connect trains run directly from Brighton to Sutton.


I'd be very surprised if they did, since Sutton is on the Wimbledon Loop, Thameslink-wise.  I think you'd have to go up to Blackfriars and change there?  Mind you, stranger things have happened since the former "Thameslink 2000(!)" project has been completed, I suppose.

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