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Sadlers Wells Sampled

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I really enjoyed this terrific selection yesterday evening. 


I didn't buy a programme so this is taken from the handout and info is incomplete - apologies. 


Uchenna Dance - The Head Wrap Diaries: Fierce and Free - the ladies were all great movers although I thought the choreography could have been more interesting. 


Mavin Koo - Odessi solo with live music, indian style dance and music. 


Semperoper Ballett - Diamonds pdd : IMO perhaps not the best choice of classical dance piece for this event and I didn't feel the dancers looked entirely comfortable in it.


Rambert2 - Killer Pig. I had no idea what to expect with that title but it blew me away, what an incredible group of dancers, the highlight of the evening for me and the rest of the audience judging by the reception.


Patricia Guerrero - Proceso Eterno. Flamenco dancer having a dialogue with a sole drummer and then with a soulful traditional spanish singer. Fabulous. 


Richard Alston - Brahms Hungarian excerpt. I'm a huge fan of RA and this was right up there. The music is gorgeous and his choreographic response to it just divine. 


Semperoper Ballett - Bach Duet. The shortest piece of the evening, I enjoyed this very much and thought the dancers looked much more at home than they did  in the Diamonds pdd. 


Birdgang - What is Bird Gang ? Indeed what is it - I had no idea, hip hop in masks - fantastic !



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Drat.  I'd totally forgotten this was on :( 

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