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Can anyone help identify these Ballerinas?

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Hello everyone, I recently acquired some Leslie E Spatt Press Photos of Principal Ballerinas from the Royal Ballet (1970s I think).  They are lovely and apart from Press Stamp on the reverse no other information as to who they are and being the inquisitive sort want to find out? 

They are too large size wise to load here but if anyone can identify I could email them   johnny5bellies@btinternet.com

any help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks




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Hello, johnny5bellies(!), welcome to the forum.  If you can't upload them here, is there the possibility of uploading them to somewhere like Imgur and posting a link here so we could discuss?  The 1970s are a little before my (balletgoing) time, but I'm sure someone will be able to help.

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Leslie worked in London but also did quite extensive work elsewhere, particularly with Stuttgart and most of the photographs shown above are of Stuttgart dancers. Photos 2 and 3 are both of Sibley and Dowell - number 2 in Swan Lake and number 3 (I think, in Dances At A Gathering - I'm not 100% positive as Dowell's shirt has some detailing which I can't be sure is from Dances). All the other photos, I believe, show dancers from Stuttgart and I would guess other members of the forum would be able to provide more accurate identification than I.

Is this any help Mr 5bellies (any relation to the Jimmy whose friendship with Mr Gascoigne is well known?) and thanks to Ian for his finding them.

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I think #5 could be R&J and #s 4, 6, 9 are Requiem (with Reid Anderson and Egon Madsen?)


And #3 definitely Dances - other photos show the stitiching on Dowell's sleeves


And the lowest one in #1 looks like Madsen/Cragun/Haydee in Song of the Earth (sigh).

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5 is Romeo and Juliet.  I'd say Vladimir Klos. Can't quite see the face of Juliet.


6 I think Birgit Keil - and?


4, 7 and 9 I also think Requiem. 4 and 7 agree Reid Anderson and Egon Madsen I think. 9 Reid Anderson to the right. The dancer to the left John Neumeier?


8 the dancer to the right Richard Cragun.


On my phone so can't quite see the details of 1, 10 and 11.


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4: MacMillan, Requiem: Reid Anderson holding Egon Madsen

5: Cranko's Romeo: Egon Madsen and most likely Lucia Isenring (or Lucia Montagnon at that time)

6. Cranko's Swan Lake with Egon Madsen and Lucia Isenring/Montagnon

7. MacMillan, Requiem: on the left it might be Barry Ingham, but I' not sure, with Egon Madsen on the right

8. must be a gala at Stuttgart, they are all in different costumes. Left:  I don't know, then probably Marcia Haydée (Lady of the Camellias), Madsen (Onegin), Isenring (Tatyana), Richard Cragun (Songs of a Wayfarer/Béjart)

9. MacMillan, Requiem: Egon Madsen and Barry Ingham (?)


10. I'll go from the first left and then to the right:

- no. 1 MacMillan, Song of the Earth rehearsal: Madsen, Cragun, Haydee

- no. 2 Onegin - Haydée, Cragun

- no. 3 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen and the nose of the swan may belong to Haydée

- no. 4 Onegin, Madsen as Lensky, no idea about Olga

- second row no. 1 = see above

- second row no. 2  Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen

- second row no. 3 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen and Haydée? Isenring?

- second row no. 4 MacMillan, Requiem

the others we know already


11. I'll go from the first left and then to the right:

- no. 1 we know

- no. 2 we know

- no. 3 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen and probably Haydée

- no. 4 Onegin - can't recognize the dancers

- second row no. 1 we know

- second row no. 2 Onegin, he could be Cragun or even Ray Barra, the very first Onegin

- second row no. 3 a book 🙂

- second row no. 4 MacMillan, Requiem

- third row no. 1 Cranko's Swan Lake with Madsen

- third row no. 2 we know

- third row no. 3 MacMillan, Requiem with Birgit Keil and Richard Cragun

- third row no. 4 Madsen as Onegin


What beautiful memories...

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Thinking about it: No. 8 must be Egon Madsen's farewell performance from Stuttgart in 1981, because he danced Onegin only once, at his farewell. So they all came in the costumes from the ballets in which he got famous...

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