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Advice on Scottish ballet junior associates


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I’m new to all this. My nine year old has been dancing since she was three and currently does three classes a week and loves it. She has a great build for ballet, small, slim and an incredibly strong core.


She has done a couple of Scottish Ballet workshops which she loved and shown an interest in the Scottish Ballet Junior associate programme. However she is very nervous that she will be out of her depth and the others will be far ahead of her at the audition.


She is currently studying RAD 2.


Can anyone advise on what the auditions are like, what they are looking for, how many are selected etc.



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9 hours ago, Caplin said:

Thank you. Just trying to put her mind at ease that she has nothing to lose by trying.

Absolutely go along and enjoy a fun class.  My dd came out grinning.

There are large numbers applying ,over 300 a couple of years ago mostly for the monthly Sunday classes.  Better odds if you can manage to Glasgow for the weekly ones. 

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