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Ballet School of Armida (Moscow)


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Hello everyone!


I'm not sure if this even makes sense to ask, but I've run up against a brick wall in my attempts to find out anything about a ballet school in Russia. 


The school is under the direction of Timofeyeva Maria Vladimirovna, and they have a YouTube channel and an Instagram but I cannot for the life of me find a website or even a VK site. Does anyone know if it's a state school, or private (I've been assuming it's a private one?) and/or if they have any International students (or anyone on short stays?)


I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I only became aware of them when they 'liked' about 20 of my daughter's Instagram posts. I attempted to contact them through direct message, but thus far no one has replied. We're in the middle of audition season, so putting one more iron in the fire seems easy enough -- if we can figure out how to make contact! 


Thank you!

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The Facebook contact worked, and they are indeed a private ballet school. They have never had international students do a short stay before, but were very keen on my daughter visiting. We will go for two weeks in June! 


Thank you again, AdageKitty!

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