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Sound Walk: Winter Wanderer


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A gem of a programme on Christmas Eve, slow radio at its best with the presenter walking through the Black Forest and reflecting on the restorative properties of walking and music, particularly for the Wanderer looking for solace.  An evocative selection of music accompanying the walk and musings, including extracts from Schubert’s ‘Winterreise’ and Mahler’s ‘Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen’.  I was rather taken with the comment: ‘a squirrel’s tail is the softest thing in all creation’ as the presenter reminisced about looking after a young squirrel in his childhood and delighted to see a red squirrel today when out walking as well as snowdrops which are even earlier than last year.


With the King’s Carols and Berlioz ‘L’Enfance du Christ’ either side, there was a fabulous backcloth of all that is best in radio whilst cooking pheasant breasts braised in red wine etc.  All very leisurely as the radio was hypnotic.  King’s too was exquisite and having read reviews of the Berlioz I was very pleased it was broadcast with Karen Cargill a fabulous mezzo.  And the pheasant was rather good too -  if I’m allowed to say so.






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I see there is another slow walk on Radio 3  this year- Greenland this time, at 4.30 today, and I shall be listening as a peaceful escape from everything for a bit,  while also cooking a casserole- I remembered this post from last year!


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