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2M x3M Harlequin spring floor and vinyl top.


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Well technically you could but the wooden sprung pieces are heavy so although I can push them around I wouldn’t want to be moving them too much. The floor isn’t actually attached to your own floor it sits on top. I think you can put it on any floor carpet,  tiles, concrete etc it would be fine. We converted a room in our house into a studio and had it in there. The pieces lock together in a very sturdy way. I also have 3 mirrors that are mounted on the walls at the moment that I’m happy to throw in along with two pieces or wall mounted barre. The mirrors measure 6f by 4 f and the barres are 3m and 2m long and all have their screws etc to attach to the wall. Sorry Peanut68 I know you weren’t asking for all that info but meant to put it into the original post. To answer you question simply then yes you could take it up and put it down as you please but it’s sturdy and the two bigger pieces are 2m long so you’d need a big cupboard to store it in. On the plus side it’s wonderful to dance on. Just the right amount of bounce for ballet and also excellent for tapping and not slipping x

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