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Jesus Christ Superstar.

Julie 2 Milner

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Last night my daughter and I went to the opening night of the new "Arena" tour at the O2.


I booked this primarily because I love the music but also I love Tim Minchin.


The cast was


Judas Tim Minchin


Jesus Ben Forster


Mary Magdalene Mel C


Herod Chris Moyles.


I booked right at the start of the search for Jesus so having watched that show was a little worried. However I can honestly say it was fantastic. Tim was an excellent Judas. His singing up to the task and his acting too. His interaction with Caiaphas (Pete Gallagher) was totally believeable.

Ben Forster was as expected a little nervous to start with but garnered confidence. His "Gethsemane" was astounding. To be honest I thought his performance was exceptional esp as this was opening night in a sold out Arena.


Mel C divided myself and my daughter. She loved her;Iwasn't so sure. But again I'd say by the end she had gained confidence. I didn't like her "I don't Know How to Love him" but I guess I'm biased to Yvonne Elliman. However thereafter I think she did well.


Then Chris Moyles. To be fair it was going to be hard for him to impress me. I don't listen to him, I don't like his public persona. He wasn't awful. He can sing. The Herod"premis" is clever. A reality segment to decide is Jesus good or Fraud. For a first night for a guy unused to an Arena appearance I think he did ok.


The rest of the cast were very good. Pilate esp (Alex Hanson).


The venue is interesting. I'd never been to the O2. Very efficient car parking. However the food situation is not good. We were there by 6.30pm for an 8pm start but still would not have had a chance of a sit down. Doors opened at 7pm and we were assured there was food through however though this was true the length of time they took to serve a take away was stunningly awful. So if you want food and the loo you need an extra hour. The performance started late 15/20 mins simply because they could not get everyone in in time.


A thoroughly wonderful evening which I'm very gald I went to.

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My brother and family, my parents, and my cousins were all there last night - universally loved it but weren't impressed with Mel C's technique and felt that she was definitely the weak link.


My brother and eldest niece loved it so much they're going again tonight!

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