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Theft in a Theatre

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Just flagging this tale of woe with readers to be careful with personal belongings in theatres.  I don't know all the exact details but the gist of the story is this:- A friend of mine was at the Rose Theatre Kingston on Thursday evening and she noticed 3 women behind her were talking loudly throughout the performance.  Next thing one was stroking my friend's back(?!) and then there was a loud clonk - in the interval my friend noticed her phone and purse missing from her cardigan which was on her chair.  Luckily 2 gentlemen in the audience had seen who the culprits were and along with their info and the help of staff, my friend was able to apprehend the women in question who were on their way out during the interval and demand the return of her belongings (she's very forthright) one way or another she got her stuff back.  The theatre has now banned at least one of the culprits.  So just a warning to please be careful with your belongings in theatres even in/at your seat and keep stuff where you can see it!  

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