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"Class" Vaganova Academy documentary now on YouTube

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A new documentary 'Class,' produced some months ago and broadcast on Russian TV last week, is now on YouTube at https://youtu.be/bz_Eg_OYZCs. I couldn't understand anything when it was originally broadcast, but it looks as though you can alter the YouTube settings so that the automatic Russian captions are translated to English.


[PS From the first couple of minutes I can only get a rough idea of what's being said...]

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21 hours ago, swanprincess said:

Figured it out now! For anyone else struggling, the auto translate option will appear if you watch it on a laptop rather than a mobile device!


Any chance of a step by step guide? I am on a laptop, and have now spent some time inside YouTube (and have tried Googling how to do this) but all I can find are ways to add captions one writes oneself. Help!


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Geoff - at the bottom right hand corner of the picture there are 5 little symbols


1. click on the left hand one and a little red line appears underneath it

2. click on the next one along (the usual 'settings' symbol) and the third option down should say 'Russian autogenerated'

3. click on the arrow next to those words and choose the auto translate option

4. select English


... works for me anyway (on a desktop)

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On 24/11/2018 at 18:29, Yaffa said:

melmoth.blog just posted a beautiful wordless video of the Vaganova Academy, taken by Vitaly Bezmennikov: https://www.tumblr.com/video/tsiskaridze/180441860237/250/

Actually the clip is beginning of a longer video interview of three students. Longer clip (in Russian) with translation by melmoth is at:



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